View Full Version : Binding Keys and Adding Server to the TS Shortcut

01-27-2004, 07:40 PM
I thought I'd duplicate this post from the CoD forum regarding key binding:

It's not too bad. There's no scripting involved, it's all in the main interface.
In TS, go to menu Settings, then Key Settings. Now, you'll see a list of keybindings (you should have none at this point). Click Add button, which will open Define Keybinding Dialog. Now you need to pick the key you're trying to bind, or key combo (Shift-A, for example). Do this by pushing the first Set button, and then pushing the key you want to use; let's use + on the keypad (single key, not a combo). Now, you indicate what you want TS to do when you push that key. In this case, let's have it switch channels; under Action, choose Switch To, then Next Channel (which will show in the box to the right). Click OK button to save, and your bind will show in the list. Add whatever other binds (like - to go to previous channel). Viola!
Now, a note of warning. I haven't really tried the Next Channel bind, and I'm not really sure how it will react to passworded channels (TS may remember the password after you've put it in on connection, I'm not sure). You may instead want to use the Switch To... Channel action instead, which allows you to specify a certain channel and password (if you are connected to Naz's server while you do this, you should be able to pick that channel name from the list). Binding buttons for volume is done in a similar manner (Action: Set Volume %10 Up/ Down).

Also, in case you are interested and didn't know, you can modify your TeamSpeak shortcut to automatically connect to a specific server (even channel) when you use it. Assuming you have a TS shortcut on your desktop, modify the properties thusly(maybe make a copy first):
"C:\Program Files\Teamspeak2_RC2\TeamSpeak.exe" "|Dsk|RuperT?loginname=RuperT?password=spa nky?channel=.: |Dsk| :.?channelpassword=rosebud"
You can leave out whichever parameters aren't of interest to you, but just be careful with the ?s and "s. 'loginname' is the login you registered with TS, unless you still login anonymously. 'password' is the server password. 'nickname' is whatever name you want to be seen as. 'channel' is the channel you want to join (the .::. stuff is just some pretty-pretty in our server). 'channelpassword' is the password for that channel (which is probably the same as the 'parent' channel).
You could probably get specifics from someone who is familiar with Naz's setup. It's a silly little thing, but it saves a little time; it seems that I've burnt up all the time I've ever saved by typing this up, but I gots love.
Good luck!