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02-07-2004, 06:21 PM
OK, bat is finally going to break down and buy a headset from Amazon (I have a GC someone gave me).

So, I have some questions that may have been answered on the CCM server, but I forget:

1. There is not a mac client, so I either need to run it on the same PC I game on or on my laptop. Which is better? Will I be able to control TS while in-game (do I need to)?

2. Related to #1, do you guys run the game audio through the headset too, or just the TS? Don't you get feedback if you use speakers? I'd rather not lose audio from the PC's sound system... but not sure.

3. What's a good headset around $25 (GC amount)--doesn't have to be exact. I see the posts about the Sennheiser... not sure I want to spend that much, but will if everything around $25 is carp.


02-07-2004, 06:34 PM
I'm can't contribute much to #1 and 3, but most people who have a headset will pipe everything through it; TS and game sound.

I like having speakers loud, but not headphones... it's too uncomfortable. However, using headphones for in-game sound greatly increases your awareness and you hear sounds (footsteps etc.) that you wouldn't hear using speakers.

02-07-2004, 06:58 PM
Run it on the same machine. You can make shortcuts to change the channels you're on, but chances are you'll do what the rest of us do, and just stay in the same channel as everyone else on that game.
Running the game through the headset definitely lets you hear those footsteps coming from a certain direction, trust Lion. If you use a headset, your ears will be covered, so using the speakers will only send out lots o' noise through the headset. Oh, yeah, get one with a mute button on the headset. It should run you around $25 - $30. You'll also need a 'Y' splitter for the audio output, so don't forget to grab one while you're out ($8 ). You can get a pretty good Altec Lansing set for about $25, but you've got to get the splitter unless you feel like swapping it on a regular basis.

02-07-2004, 07:03 PM
OK, so if I run game sound through it too then it is probably worth a few extra bucks for a decent quality set... a buddy of mine uses his speakers and headset on seperate machines, but I thought that would cause bad karma if the game sound went through the mic.

mute button? wouldn't that be a PITA while playing?

The sonneheiser ones are pretty good? the price doesn't seem too bad...

02-07-2004, 07:12 PM
I have not had PC speakers for almost 3 years and I very rarely miss them. Never when I'm playing a game that has some sort of 3D sound thing going on the foot steps and other give away sounds are much better with a headset.

Also don't get a USB headset, TS does not play nice with USB.

I have the Plantronics 90 which are very comfortable, relatively durable (I have gone through 2) and have good sound.


02-07-2004, 07:28 PM
bat, the mute button is not necessary. you can set TS so that it only captures your mic audio if you are holding down the hotkey, ie: when you press and hold 'H'. otherwise you can do it w/ voice activation, but that is not as good as coughing, throat clearing, belching, etc will be heard by all ;) :dead: i have a $10 Labtec set from Compusa that works great, a couple others here have the same set. they do get a little uncomfortable after hours of gaming, but i dont usually spend more than 3 hours in one sitting. the Y adapter is a must as Chaly said. i used to switch back and forth and it got very annoying. now i have a splitter and its all good :) now that i think about it though, i can hear normal audio thru my set (my spkrs are louder though) when i dont have the headset on, so the mute button might be handy for that.

and run it on your gaming pc. it takes up next to nothing in regards to system resources, bw, etc. its a lot easier to manage using the same pc rather than a different one too.

Angry Kid
02-07-2004, 07:28 PM
Roger what Naz said about the Plantronics headsets. Good quality and under $30US. (And Naz - your av. Dude . . . )

You really don't need to set up controls while in game, but there are keybinds that you can use to switch channels/subchannels.

BTW, TS has a Push-to-Talkô capability. I suggest using that in game (I only like to hear heavy breathing from obscene phone calls). If you don't go that route, get a headset that has a mic mute button.

Push-to-Talkô used without permission of . . . some wireless company.