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08-05-2004, 01:23 PM
so I popped onto TS for the first time in a long time... on my new machine... and after I set everything up ...

I have it set to push to talk, so I pop on to Thunderdome and hear many of you speaking, but when I hit my "press to talk" button - in the TS, it flashes on the letter I have selected as my button, and acts as if I am doing a FIND ... put it another way....

my push to talk button is B and I am in the Thunderdome channel, I hit B, my talk light goes on, but flashes, and it looks like TS is trying to do a search through the other channels for the letter "B", so it flashes between "BFDC" channel, another TS user "Buzz", and something else, do I have a setting wrong here or what.... I tried using other letters... (and actually used "U" before, but had the same blinking problem... any help... I RTFM that TS has but couldn't find anything remotely useful

EDIT... ok I may have discovered the problem... I have TS here at work so I played around with it... though I will test at home too... it seems I had stayed in the channel select portion of TS, by selecting the information on the right, or the log/chat window on the bottom... I seem to be ok.... DOH... I hope this works at home though... will post/delete this if that is the case

08-05-2004, 02:19 PM
Having a bad day??????

08-05-2004, 02:31 PM
yes... very bad... I actually was using TS to see if Radio Maratekia was running, needed some music at work... no just a bad week, holiday on monday threw my whole brain out of whack, that and the fact that there are like 6 people away in an office of 20, makes for a disorienting time...

Angry Kid
08-05-2004, 02:57 PM
Make sure you don't have any TS Settings--->Key Settings bound to anything.

It could also be a conflict with a key that BF has assigned to B. I have most of my keys reassigned from default so I couldn't tell you which one that it could be or even if it actually does exist like that.

Glad I could help. :|

08-05-2004, 03:46 PM
Orrrrrrrrrr, you could get a headset with a background noise dampener or a mute button. And with the TS interface, you can tell when someone's talking, so you'll know if your mic's picking up that whistling left nostril. :roll:

08-05-2004, 04:40 PM
I know what you're talking about, Monty; the same problem bugged me for a while (but we ended up changing our channel names). When you have the focus on the channels window, pressing a key which corresponds to the first letter of a channel name sets focus to that channel (and, if there are multiple 'B' channels, for example, it will rapidly switch between them). IIRC, though, it didn't have any effect other than visual irritation; it wasn't actually changing channels on me, and my transmission and reception was not affected. As you say, switching focus to one of the other panes will fix the behavior.
On a related note, Windows will give you the 'ding, ding, ding' when holding down certain keys. You can turn off this 'default beep' in the Control Panel (although I'm thinking that those who haven't fixed it have already slit their wrists by now). Select 'Sounds and Audio Devices', then go to the 'Sounds' tab. Under 'Program Events', you'll see 'Default Beep'; select it and change the Sounds selection for it below to '(None)'. Now, Apply and exit. Viola!

08-05-2004, 09:47 PM
golden star goes to RuperT - changed those settings while i was at it... voila... she is working now