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    The Rules of Conduct for this community are as follows:

    New Users. In order to combat spam, newly created forum accounts will be in a probationary state for no less than 3 days and no fewer than 5 posts. During this time, posts will be run through spam matching rules and any determined to be spam will be moderated, as well as restrictions on private messages, emailing and viewing user information. After 3 days and 5 posts the account will become a "Regular" and restrictions will be lifted.

    No foul or abusive language or content. Profanity will not be tolerated by the admins/moderators. Foul language is a sign of an undeveloped mind. If you feel the need to express yourself in this manner, go elsewhere. Accounts with screen names meant to be annoying, profane, overtly sexual or hateful will be removed. Admins reserve the right to ban IPs for repeated objectionable behavior. This is a game forum, not a political forum.

    Hate/Racial Content. We cannot stress in stronger possible terms that racist or other hate content will simply not be tolerated. There is no excuse or context for racist/hate language or content of any kind. This includes contexts of race, religion, national origin, gender, etc. Violators of this rule are subject to immediate account deletion and their IP address will be blocked.

    No whining. This is a public forum and there are bound to be occasional disagreements and knuckleheads. While we do our best to limit annoying behavior and posting, whining makes matters worse. If you see something conflicting with our rules, inform an admin or moderator and move on. Do not nag...

    Admins have final say. Admins have final say. These rules are not negotiable and they are not up for discussion from within the game. Enforcement of these rules is as applicable by content or by admin judgment. Running this community takes a lot of effort and resources, all of which are DONATED to our community. Respect that.

    No disrespect. This is a friendly and mature community, but sometimes things can get heated. Flaming, offensive name-calling and showing disrespect for site admins and moderators will not be tolerated. Do not insult other members, admins, moderators or This behavior is not acceptable and will result in a ban.

    Discussion of illegal or unethical activities. Discussion of undertaking illegal activities is strictly forbidden. Do not discuss the commission of any activity prohibited by local, state or federal laws, including but not limited to obtaining or providing instructions on how to obtain illegal items such pirated copies of copyrighted materials, software keys, software hacks or the like. Further, do not discuss or provide instructions on any level regarding game hacks or other modifications where the intent is circumventing rules of affiliated gaming servers or using gaming software other than how it was intended by the publisher/copyright holder's intentions.

    No Advertising/Conflict of Interest. Do not post messages on the affiliate servers or this website or forums advertising websites, FTP sites, clan recruitment or anything else with which you are affiliated or have a personal interest without prior admin approval. If you are trying to promote your server, website or clan, posting a a link in your signature is acceptable. But do not use this forum as a place to advertise and promote your own interests. If you have a resource you want to make available to our members and it is deemed in keeping with the philosophy of the community and is not simply self-promotion, send a private message to one of the moderators or admins to get interim approval if you are unsure. Final approval may be subject to staff review. Spammers will be immediately banned with no warning.

    Sexual Content. Most of us are mature adults, but we have kids here also. Keep the sexual content light and on a PG13 equivalent level. Embedded content or links to pornography or nudity will be promptly removed and the member warned. Repeat violations could result in the ban of your account.

    Politics and Religion. While these subjects are not taboo, they are usually emotionally charged. Frank, honest and mature discussion is always welcome, but keep it respectful and relevant. We encourage our members to be religiously and politically tolerant, particularly of mainstream connotation.

    Discussion of game server punishment. This website/forum is not the platform to publicly question the punishment any player has received for game-related infractions. Likewise, it is not the forum to protest it. If you or an acquaintance was disciplined on the gaming server for whatever reason and wish to take issue with it, send a private message or email to the appropriate game server admin. Posts will be promptly deleted and the creator warned and directed to take the proper course of action.

    Copyrighted content.
    Please refrain from posting copyrighted content. It is okay to post links to the material, but copying and posting that material in its entirety directly into these forums is a violation of copyrights and could potentially adversely impact the future viability of this site and community.

    Most of the time, these posts are innocent enough. Just make certain you exercise due diligence when copying information from other sites to post here in its entirety.

    Images, Smilies and Avatars. Large images or excessive smilies in posts or signatures -- as well as wide avatars -- cause thread posts to extend beyond what is reasonable for members to view easily. As a courtesy to fellow community members, please refrain from linking to large images in posts or signatures or using large avatars in your profile. Please adhere to the following standards:
    • Large images linked from external sources or from sources within should not exceed a horizontal dimension of 800 pixels. Image code or URLs exceeding this limit are subject to removal from posts.

      Signatures. Images and content in your signature should not exceed 525 pixels wide or 140 pixels deep. Signatures not adhering to this guideline are subject to deletion by the staff and the member warned. Images wider than appropiximately 525 pixels cause the forum template to expand beyond its default width. Deleted signature images will be replaced with the image below.

      Smilies. These are fun images that are easily embedded into posts and thus easily abused or overused. Abuse or overuse of these little gems can be annoying and is unnecessary. Please refrain from repetitive series of smilies that extend beyond one wrapped line (approximately 40 on a horizontal screen resolution of 1024). If you can't say it in 40 smilies, perhaps this is not the medium or forum for it.

      Avatars. Images linked from external sources should not exceed a horizontal dimension of 150 pixels nor should they exceed a vertical dimension of 175 pixels. Avatars not meeting this standard will be replaced with the avatar image belowand repeat violations will result in the offender's avatar function being disabled and could result in the offender's account being canceled.

    All members are expected to have read and follow the rules. Unless otherwise stated, violations of these rules will result in a warning. Second offenses of the same rule will result in the user's account being disabled temporarily, permanently or deleted altogether. These rules are subject to change or amendment without advance notice.
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