If you use HTTPS Everywhere, and want to only visit VSF via SSL... save the code below in a file named 'vsfgamers.xml' in the "HTTPSEverywhereUserRules" directory in your FireFox profile.

You will get a certificate warning that is from an unknown issuer (CACert.org) and that it's for sullo.com. Not much I can do about the former unless someone want to spend $, and the latter unless I start shuffling IP addresses. This is good enough

<ruleset name="VSFGamers">
  <target host="www.vsfgamers.com" />
  <target host="vsfgamers.com" />
  <target host="www.vsfgamers.net" />
  <target host="vsfgamers.net" />
  <target host="www.vsfgamers.org" />
  <target host="vsfgamers.org" />

  <rule from="^http://(www\.)?vsfgamers\.com/" to="https://vsfgamers.com/"/>
  <rule from="^http://(www\.)?vsfgamers\.net/" to="https://vsfgamers.net/"/>
  <rule from="^http://(www\.)?vsfgamers\.org/" to="https://vsfgamers.org/"/>
There are also pending rules you can save in the same folder, for other sites: