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    Default Moving Origin

    I was just curious - what's the best way to move Origin & BF3 from one hard drive to another? I have an SSD that it currently resides on w/BF3, but with BF4 coming, I think I want this on my HDD (which actually houses all my other games & Steam). I was able to move Steam over with no problems, but I have read some issues w/Origin moving. So would it be better to delete & make a clean install on the other hard drive? or is there a specific method for moving Origin, its games, and its new d/l location?

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    Yeah - I think the least frustrating way would be delete and re-install Origin.

    I'd leave BF3 on the SDD, though, until BF4 launches then delete BF3. Nobody will play BF3 once BF4 comes out.

    EDIT: Steam Mover - allegedly, even for non-Steam games, is made to do just that for you. Caveat emptor....
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    i just did a complete reinstall of my system, win 7 64, with a dual boot OS with vista 64 as the other OS, but the win7 is my primary system.
    I have a 1tb drive split in two, half for each OS, and all my back up on the vista install.

    So, i had the same thing, after just spending 3 days installing bf3, and now 4 and china rising pack, i didn't then want to have to re download and reinstall the whole lot again...

    so this is what i did,

    i backed up both origin folders in my program files(x86) folder, origin and origin games, i then also backed up the origin folders from the apps folder in my user folder.
    So after just reinstalling my OS, all i did was install origin first, then log in, wait 10 mins, don't install any games, then sign out/log off.
    Now go and copy all the folders you backed up to their proper locations, in user folder apps, and program files (x86), then log back into origin and they are there ready to play.
    Having just tried to play though, server i tried connecting to has china rising map, it said i needed to install the expansion, i thought that is weird as its part of my BF4, got the deluxe edition, so no separate dl for it.
    anyway, i basically ended up going in and deleting the patches files and am now having to re DL the expansion, but as for installing BF3 and 4, there was no DL, it just installed from what i copied back into the folders.
    Hope this helps

    Ps here's how i found out why china rising wasn't working, after 20 mins of clicking back and forth trying to work out where the damn pack was ...
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