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Thread: BF4 min requirements not met :-(

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    Default BF4 min requirements not met :-(

    Im currently going through a dilemma, just bought BF4, being a gamer, i assumed my pc would cope with it, at least on low settings, until ddr4 2nd and 3rd gen parts start surfacing. like cpu's mobo's and obviously the ram.
    My current specs listed below

    E6750 oc to 3ghz
    mobo striker extreme
    ddr2 4gb corsair dominators 8500
    gfx is nvidia 560 ti

    before anyone says anything, yeah my parts are pretty old now, but it actually runs all the new games at maxed out settings (batman origins, grid 2 and a few others), im only running a 22" @ 1680 x 1050 which is fine for me as i sit right in front of it anyway.
    so i guess my question is now, i was going to just get a better cpu to see if i can play BF4 for now, until i can save up for some new base parts, mobo, cpu and ram.
    so not sure now, if i should just bite my lip and wait for ddr4 to come out, as im guessing ddr3 stuff will drop in price anyway and i can upgrade to a ddr3 system and oc again.
    Im actually surprised how long my current system has lasted me, i did pick out some good parts for the time, and they have lasted well.
    But im a gamer, and i want to be playing BF4.
    So what do you guys think, im also on a really tight budget and would want to get max bang for buck as they say.
    Thanks for any advice in advance
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