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Thread: My complete reversal.

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    Default My complete reversal.

    In the last six months I have built 2 gaming PC's . An AMD based system and an Intel/Nvidia based system.

    Build # 1 (to play BF4):

    FX-6300 CPU
    AMD HD 7850
    am3+ 970 MB
    8gb 1866mhz ddr3
    650W PSU
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

    (as you might have read about in the BF forums). A Black friday build if you will. I bought everything ...but I was always too busy with work and never bought BF4.

    Then... A friend who is tech saavy, Who knew my system was solid...asked me to sell him my system at my cost. And since I hardly played much at all. I sold it.

    About this time the Nvidia GTX 750ti was released. A 60 watt card that has about the same performance as my (previously owned) AMD HD 7850 (150 watts).

    That got me thinking... watts / volts = amps

    How much power did my old PC use?... FX6300 95w...AMD HD 7850 150w ..95w + 150w /12v = 20.4amps

    What if I paired a 54w i3 4130 with a 60w gtx750ti....That is just 9.5 amps on the +12v .

    I have a Cooler Master case with a 430w PSU with 19amps on the +12v rail that is just sitting in the garage ..

    leading to...

    Build # 2 (frugal gamer)

    Cooler Master case and 430w PSU.
    Intel i3 4130
    ASUS H81M-K MB
    GTX 750ti
    8gb 1600 ddr3

    When these two PC's are benchmarked against each other(my intel/nvidia vs his me we have tried almost everything) They are almost Identical in performance.

    His fx 6300 overclocks well, and my i3 doesn't OC at all but my 750ti overclocks ~15% and holds it well while gaming ...while his 7850 can only handle ~5% OC in-game.

    I feel I have won this one ...I saved ~ 90$ on parts for the same performance and will use less than half the power over time.

    tldr; I used to be an AMD fanboy
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    Very interesting comparison.
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