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Thread: October 17th ..... in Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANGRYAFRICANMAN View Post
    I feel all drugs should be legalized. I think the ability to tax these items and stop the constant drugs coming across the border would change the country in a positive way. The idiots that want to do heroin or PCP can get these items within hours off the streets. You cannot stop this. Legalize and tax it is the only way that works.
    With all the fentanyl deaths I'm now in agreement. Took me a while to get here, but the war on drugs has proven itself incapable. I guess it was destined to fail.

    But I don't know about legalizing it totally. Just maybe setting up some kind of registered addict program or something. My bet is even if we gave it away for free, to already existing addicts, that would actually save us money.
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